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Infected Mushroom - Vicious Delicious


Infected Mushroom is back with a very cool and versatile album. There's nothing wrong with the default psy-trance studio album formula of 5 - 15% chillout / 95 - 85% trance. However, Infected Mushroom proves that experimentation can be worthwhile, as long as one maintains a steady, uplifting groove in the 4-to-the-floor tracks for the dancefloor. Most of the album fortunately is just that: pounding, uplifting full-on, crammed with warbling wobbles and floppering flipflaps. Infected Mushroom set themselves apart by their musical talent. They have a lot of sense for melody, harmony and musical structure, which is not only apparent in the few non-trance songs on 'Vicious Delicious', but also in their screaming synthsounds taking you further into cosmic euphoria. About half of the tracks has vocals, and the fourth track is somewhat reminiscent of Shpongle's cosmic fairytale atmosphere. The first half of the album has a 50/50 ratio of trance and non-trance songs, alternating groovy psytrance with pop, rap and guitar. This takes a little getting used to, which is why it's a good thing Infected Mushroom made the rest of the album psytrance oriented, reminiscent of the deep, dark, mystic, Eastern vibes of the original 90's goatrance. As always, the sound quality is impeccable. Erez and Amit really know how to handle frequencies of the whole audible spectrum, with mindblowing kicks, funky crispy hihats and stereophonic psytrance synths all over the place. A true monster of a sound, 'Vicious Delicious' will captivate a wide audience.

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